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During Spring Break 2015 you will become a songwriter or composer. Yay!

Read the rubric below.                We will record each piece for posterity.

 You have two choices for the form/product of your work.

1.  Write a melody

Write a simple melody with an accompanying part (chords) or a harmony part that you and your friends can play. You may choose an online notation program like Noteflight to notate a work or print this page ( )    and notate on it.   Due March 30.

Use to compose a short duet or trio piece. Create a login and save your password!   Music majors may choose to use Sibelius of Finale for this project.

Print AND e-mail the link to me before class on March 30.

Be prepared to play this with one of more other class members. Practice before class.


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2. Compose a song (lyrics, tune, and chords)

Write out the lyrics and then put chord names above the appropriate syllables. You do not have to write out the tune of this song. Turn in a copy of the chords & lyrics on March 30.   KEEP THE ORIGINAL!

Be prepared to play your song for the class on March 30.

If your song has lyrics you and/or someone you teach before class must sing the lyrics.

The song should have at least two Verses and a Chorus.     Intro, Bridge, and/or Outro are optional.  Example I wrote today!   YAY!   (First draft.)

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Rubric for project

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