“Tulsa Time” G and D7. http://youtu.be/Tx8IYWC9GTg

Blues practice: “See That My Grave is Kept Clean” Mavis Staples http://youtu.be/hvRxPA-dN2s

Grammys. American Roots.  Punch Brothers. http://youtu.be/Ppn7eQSBdJQ

The Mavericks, “All Night Long” by Raul Malo.  Fm & C7. http://youtu.be/kThU1v2Qz0k





  Notes on the G string

“Tulsa Time”. This is Clapton’s version in G.  Uses G and D.       Go to Songs.

“Rock Around the Clock” page 122.   Uses. G.  C. D.    Add 7s when you feel like it.

Jamming on G, B, & treble E.    Using GarageBand for a rhythm section.